Use of Dental İmplantation in a Dog With Hypodontia in Permanent Dentition

Murat Kibar


The purpose of this article is to evaluate clinical properties of a rare hypodontia case in the permanent dentition in a dog, and its treatment by dental implantation. A 1.5‑year‑old male Canary dog was referred to the surgery department for missing of a tooth. All primary teeth were present except for the right mandibular fourth premolar (P4) at the time of the first dental examination. Mandibular oblique radiographs confirmed the finding of P4 hypodontia.  The implant system consisted of an endosseous component, a transgingival collar, a collar-retaining screw, a coping, and a coping-retaining screw. Ceramic implant tooth was placed and fixed by dental acrylic. There was no any implant stability after 3 month the surgery. In conclusion, hypodentia is a rare abnormality that we now know can be seen in dogs. It can reconstructed by implant system and the owner’s dissatisfaction can be fulfiled.


dental implant, dog, hypodontia

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