Phytoplankton Dynamics and Some Physicochemical Variables in Cakmak Reservoir (Samsun, Turkey)

Elif Tezel Ersanlı, Arif Gönülol


Phytoplankton dynamics and some physicochemical properties of Cakmak Reservoir were investigated between May 2003 and April 2005 which is used for irrigation and drinking water supply. A total of 132 taxa were identified belonging to the following divisions; Cyanobacteria, Charophyta, Chlorophyta, Cryptophyta, Euglenozoa, Myzozoa and Ochrophyta. Although Ochrophytes were rich in respect to species diversity, Chlorophytes attained a larger population density. Ulnaria ulna, Fragilaria tenera and Goniochloris mutica from Ochrophyta, Chlorella vulgaris, Monoraphidium obtusum and Ulothrix tenerrima from Chlorophyta, Cryptomonas ovata and C. erosa from Cryptophyta increased in some months. The seasonal variation of phytoplankton based on depth was compatible with surface water. Phytoplankton abundance was lower in winter and there was an increase in summer in Cakmak Reservoir. The reservoir water was slightly alkaline according to the pH; was alkaline according to the calcium; was in the slightly hard water group according to the hardness values; had low and medium productivity degree according to the phosphorus.

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