Helminth Parasites of Bufo viridis, Rana ridibunda and Hyla arborea Collected from the Different Regions of Turkey



A total of 170 frogs were examined for helminth infection: 97 specimens of the night frog Bufo viridis Laurenti, 1768, 50 of the marsh frog Rana ridibunda Pallas, 1771 and 23 of the tree frog Hyla arborea Linneaus, 1758. During this study Polystoma viridis Euzet, Combes, Batchvarov, 1974, Nematotaenia dispar (Goeze, 1782) (Included Plathelminthes), Rhabdias bufonis (Schrank,1788), Cosmocerca commutata (Dies, 1851), Oswaldocruzia filiformis (Goeze, 1782) (Included Nemathelminthes), Acanthocephalus ranae (Schrank, 1788) (Included Acanthocephala) were found to infest Bufo viridis; Diplodiscus subclavatus (Pallas, 1760) Diesing, 1836, Gorgodera vitelliloba (Olsson, 1876), Prosotocus confusus (Looss, 1894), Haematoleochus breivance (Sudarikov, 1950), Opisthioglyphe ranae (Frölic, 1791) (Included Plathelminthes), Cosmocerca ornata (Dujardin, 1845), Eustronglydes excisus Jagerskiöld, 1903 (Included Nemathelminthes), Acanthocephalus ranae (Included Acanthocephala) were found to infest Rana ridibunda and Cosmocerca ornata, Oswaldocruzia filiformis (Included Nemathelminthes) were found to infest Hyla arborea.

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