Food and Fodder Value of Triticale Varieties Under the Conditions of Kyrgyzstan

Aibek Karabaev, Mira Dzhunusova, Ali İrfan İlbaş


The aim of this study was to determinate of food and fodder values of some winter triticales varieties in reginon of Chuy in Kyrgyzstan. In the study, three winter triticale varieties (Alesha and Missim), a facultativ wheat variety ( Jamin) and a winter barley variety (Manas) used. The study carried out as field expertiment in Chuy Reginon in Kant province in the seed and breeding experimental fields of MIS Agricultural Co-operative as methods of SVT (State Varieties Test Methods) in 2010-2012 years. According to result of the study, higher yield obtained from two varieties of triticale (Alesha and Missim) than facultative wheat and winter barley varieties.

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