Evaluation of Iranian Oilseed Rape Germplasm Collection

Bahram Alizadeh, Hassan Amiri Oghan, Amir Rahimi


With the aim of evaluation and characterization of important agronomical, morphological and qualitative traits of canola germplasm, 14 and 30 accessions of canola were planted in two separate randomized complete block designs with 3 and 2 replications respectively, at the Seed and Plant Improvement Institute (SPII), Karaj-Iran during 2006-2007. For both experiments, all important agronomical and phenological traits including number of days to flowering initiation, number of days to end flowering, number of branches/plant, plant height, number of grain/pod, number of pods on main stem, number of pods on plant, main pod length, secondary pod length and maturity time were recorded during growth period. At ripening, biological and grain yield, harvest index, 1000 grains weight, oil content and oil yield for each genotype were calculated. Based on the analysis of variance and means comparison results the genotypes had highly significant differences in most of the studied traits. Classification of genotypes using Ward’s minimum variance method based on squared Euclidean distance measure resulted in five separate and distinct groups which could be clearly distinguished based on some traits. It could be concluded that there is a broad genetic diversity in the germplasm collection of rapeseed which could be utilized in breeding programs.

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