Application of Phytoextraction Methods to Clean Heavy Metals in Contaminated Soil

К. Гул, Г.Ж. Турметова, А.К. Убайдуллаева, Г.А. Бабаева


Chemically enhanced phytoextraction has been proposed as an effective approach to removing heavy metals from contaminated soil through the use of high biomass plants. This research is to test the effect of the applications of EDTA and DTPA (0, 4, 8 mmol kg-1) on the phytoextraction of maize (Zea mays) and sunflower (Helianthus annuus) grown in Pb contaminated soil. The addition of a chelate, 8 mmol/kg ethylenediamine-tetracetic acid (EDTA), increased the proportion of phytoavailable Pb in the soil (dissolved in soil solution and exchangeable from soil colloids), and also their uptake by tested plants up to 11 times (Zeya mays), 19 times (H.annus) respectively compared to the control.

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