Perspective Grape Production Development in Kyrgyzstan



This research shows grape production of different varieties from Italy, planted in the northern shore of Lake IssykKul namely in Chok-Tal and Kara-Oi villages. These varieties used in the wine production in Italy and possess high reputation among the wine growers and wine producers. The climatic conditions of Italy, Florence are about the same with the Chok-Tal and Kara-Oi. Only altitude here plays a role. In both locations climate is marine. After the collapse of the Soviet Union grape production was not paid enough attention. Acidity, Alcohol and Brix were analyzed. On the altitude of 1500 meters above the sea level grape plants from Italy were planted and the results of the above mentioned grape plants showed parameters in the tables bellow compared with the Italian results. Climatic conditions of the region taken from the climate research implemented during the Soviet Time. This data information is still used for the agronomic practice management. The uniqueness of the work is that for the first time in the country foreign varieties were planted on the above mentioned altitude and it has chemical parameters necessary for the wine production.

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