The effect of intraocular pressure, serum calcium, magnesium and phosphorus concentrations on jumping performance of horses

Ihsan Kisadere, Ertan Oruc, Nariste Kadyralieva, Irina Glebova


The aim of the study is to evaluate the relation of serum mineral levels (Ca, Mg, P) with intraocular pressure (IOP) and jumping performance of horses. Twenty-four jumping horses, actively participated in the competition, were selected from a horse sport center in Bishkek and used for this study. Intraocular pressures in both eyes of each horse were measured by using a tonometer and blood samples were collected for analyzing serum Ca, P and Mg levels. IOP, Serum Ca, Mg and P values were measured in normal ranges in all jumping horses. Although Ca and P levels were found different in statistic (p<0,05) between the groups, IOP and serum mineral levels of Ca, Mg and P had not been found effective on race performance. IOP and serum Mg were not found effective on jumping performance of the horses. Similarly serum Ca, and P levels were not found effective on jumping performance, however Ca, and P levels were determined as different between the groups (p<0,05).


Calcium, intraocular pressure, jumping horse, magnesium, performance, phosphorus

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