Evaluation of veterinary surgeons in Afyonkarahisar for Foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks and strategies in Turkey.

Muhammet Nevzat ALGAN, Fatih Mehmet Birdane


Vaccination which is considered the only way to prevent FMD in the world does not always deliver the desired results. Does the phrase ‘we are vaccinating, but it does not always protect’ cause many factors which might be significant to be ignored also in Turkey? A survey consisting of 25 questions was prepared in order to find out what the clinician veterinary surgeons (n:40) thought about the applications and program in Afyonkarahisar province for 2009-2011 years. 

Only 50% (n:20) of the veterinary surgeons who participated in the survey thought vaccination was an efficient way to combat the disease,  20% (n:8) thought it was partially efficient while 30% (n:12) it was an inefficient method. 77.5% thought breeders to be uninformed while 80%  (n:32) indicated that they tried to inform animal owners.  It was calculated that it cost 101 ₺ (65,16 USD, 45,91 EU) to treat a bovine for FMD.

Those who participated in the survey believed that the combat program was inadequate (80%) and that it would not be possible to eradicate FMD with the valid law, regulation and applications (57.5% n:23). 

It is necessary to use new vaccines and diagnosis methods and develop feasible, realistic, different and reasonable methods in combating FMD.  The views and recommendations of veterinary surgeons, universities and breeders should be consulted when preparing national disease combat plans.


Foot and Mouth Disease, Cattle, vaccine, disease control

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