Effect of Different Pasture Plants on Carcass Yield and Some Carcass Part Weights in Free System Broiler Breeding

Mustafa GARİP, Tahir Balevi, Esad Sami Polat, Rahmi Canbar, Cahit ÖZCAN


Abstract: The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of different pasture contents on growth and carcass characteristics in free system poultry. Trial were made on 4 decares of clover, Bromus inermis or clover + Bromus inermis planted field in eight numbers of mobile pen that designed to be surrounded by steel wire. In trial one, 480 number of one day old male Hubbard Isa Red-JA broiler chicks were divided to 4 groups each of which further divided into 4 subgroups. The first group of broiler chickens were sent for cutting on the 42nd day and the other groups on the 84th day. At the end of the trial Carcass yields were obtained as 73, 77, 74 and 74 on days 42, 77, 76, 75, 73 and 84, respectively. The difference between day 84 carcass yields was found significant (P <0.05). The slaughter weights day 84 were found to be 1245.59, 1226.13, 1300.68, 1247.27, 1254.92 and 965.88, 929.12, 974.87, 903.96, 943.46, respectively, in the groups with the slaughter weights of 42 days (P>0.05). Carcass weight was found to be lower in all other parts than in control (P <0.05), while there was no difference in weight, edible part, neck and foot weight. As a result, although different pasture contents did not cause an early variability in slowly growing broiler chickens, live weight, cut and some carcass weight were affected in later periods.


free system, broiler, pasture composition, carcass quality.

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