Effects of branching applications on some endogenous hormone levels of semi-dwarf apple (Malus communis L.) saplings

İsmail Hakkı KALYONCU, Nilda ERSOY, Mehmet YILMAZ, Metin AYDIN


In this study, terminal bud samples are taken from the Galaxy Gala, Red Chief and Scarlet Spur apple saplings grafted on MM106 clonal apple rootstock in order to promote the development of side branch taken places pinching, 500 ppm perlan and pinching+500 ppm perlan practices. Examined the applications and cultivars interactions; the amount of the highest ABA was Pinching+Perlan application in the Galaxy Gala cultivar (2092.1 ng/g-1 ), the lowest level was found from Pinching application in the Scarlet Spur cultivar (997.8 ng/g-1 ). The highest amount of GA3 level was Pinching + Perlan application in the Redchief cultivar (13.0 ng/g-1 ), the lowest one was Pinching application in the Scarlet Spur cultivar (2.5 ng/g-1 ). The highest amount of the IAA determined of Pinching + Perlan application in the Scarlet Spur cultivar (375.4 ng/g-1 ), the lowest one was Pinching application in the Scarlet Spur cultivar (113.5 (ng/g-1 ). In terms of zeatine content, the maximum value was Pinching application in the Redchief cultivar (30.9 ng/g-1 ), the minimum value was found of the same application again Redchief cultivar (8.0 ng/g-1 ). As a result, in terms of applications, varieties and the types of hormones were found statistically significant differences.

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