Volume I   |   Issue IX  |   2008
A Study about Fishing in Kyrgyzstan

S. Özek

Conversion of Carbon Monoxide (Co) With Water And Calculation of Balanced Structure Of Gaseous and Condensed Phases

Z.K. Majmekov, D.A. Sambaeva

The Method of Fictitions Domains For Nonlinear Ocean Models

Sh.N. Kuttykozhaeva, N.A. Isabekova, F.R. Gusmanova

The Asymptotic of the Solution of Multi Dimensional Singular Perturbance Parabolic Problem For Lack of Spectrum of Operator Limit

A.S. Omuraliev

Method of Additional (Supplementary) Argument In The Problem of Minimization of Integral, Quadratic Functional in Correlations in the Form of Nonlinear Equation with Partial Derivatives

R.Rafatov, M. H. Çelik

Endophyte Fungi–Symbiont Of The Plants Of Different Ecosystem Of Kyrgyzstan

S.T. Bobusheva, T.D. Doolotkeldieva

Antagonistic Activity of Pseudomonas Bacteria to Phytopathogenic Fungi

M.U. Konurbaeva, T.D. Doolotkeldieva

The Study of Pseudomonas Strains Ability In Biodegradation of Oil Products (By The Example Of Gasoline)

M.U. Konurbaeva, T.D. Doolotkeldieva

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