Volume I   |   Issue X  |   2009
Preservation of Biodiversity and a Role of Especially Protected Natural Territories of Republic

K. Jundubaev

Ecological State of Forests of Kyrgyzstan

B.A. Toktoraliev, A. Attokurov

Present State and Problems of Preservation of Unique, Relic Tic Nut Forests in Jalalabad Region

B.E. Kadyrov

Endemic and Rearly Plants of Kyrgyzstan

M.M. Botbaeva, R.T. Akmatov

Present State of Forest Fund in Kyrgyzstan

M. Aliev

The Modern Condition And Prospects Of Studying Of Priority Fruit Crops In Kyrgyzstan


Microbiological Biodiversity Of Kyrgyzstan, The Modern Approaches Its Study And Preservation

T.D. Doolotkeldieva

Part I  
Endophytic Fungi Of Higher Plants In Kyrgyzstan


Biodiversity Of Pseudomonas Bacteria In Kyrgyzstan

M.U. Konurbaeva

State Of Issyk-Kul Lake Phytoplankton

A.K.Tynybekov, J.E. Kulenbekov

A Current Status Of Study Of Soil Streptomycetes Bacteria In Kyrgyzstan And Their Prospects

N.E. Totubaeva

Adaptation Conditions Of Pathogenic Leptospirosis And Protozoa In Zooplanktonic Communities Of Open (Stagnant) Reservoirs

S.Sh. Tursunaliev

Part II  
Modern State Of Studied Level And Problem Of Preservation Of Plant Genetic Resources In КR


The Reasons For The Reduction Of Biodiversity Species In Region


Results And Prospects For The Study Of Fungi In Kyrgyzstan

S.N. Mosolova, S.L. Prihodko

State Of Biodiverisry On The Bank Of Torken River

B.A.Sultanova, G.K. Rajymkulova, Ch.R. Toktosunova, U.K. Karmysheva

Part III  
Medical Plants Species Of Kyrgyzstan In Popular Medicine

N.V.Kenzhebaeva, M.A. Ganybaeva

Some Medicinal Plants Of Highlands In Introduction Conditions

N.A. Rogova, I.S. Sodombekov

Saponinous Plants Of Desert-Steppe Zone Of The Kyrgyz Ridge North Slope

A. Rysalieva, J. Bekisheva

The Study Of The Major Reserves Of Raw Herbs (Glycyrrhiza Urralensis Fisch. Аnd Aconitum Leucostomum Worosch. And Their Use In The Biosphere Reserves Of Issyk-Kul

K.Ulemann, A.Kazakbaeva, B.Kupeshov, K.T.Shalpykov, Dzh.Kartanbaev, A.K.Dolotbakov

Part IV  
Integrated Approaches To Biodiversity Conservation


Conservation And Management Of Plant Biodiversity Collections Of Botanical Garden, National Academy Of Sciences KR


Entomophags Instead Of Insecticides – As One Of The Methods For Forest Biodiversity Conservation Of Wood Breeds


Features Of The Conservation Of Biodiversity In Kyrgyzstan


Harvesting And Processing Of Fruits Of Seabukthorn Barriers


Part V  
The Selection's Modern State Of The Ill-Resistant Sorts Of Tailings Cereals

N.N.Pozdnjakova, N.G.Aubekerova, Sh.S.Sulejmanova

Hubridization Method For Wheat Selection

M.K.Dzhunusova, Zh.K.Jegemberdieva

Biotechnology Methods In The Preserving And Protection Of A Biodiversity In Kyrgyzstan

T. Doolotkeldieva

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