Volume II   |   Issue XI  |   2010
Investigation of honeys quality and falsification produced in Kyrgyzstan Republic

N. Kurt, J.N. Smanalieva, A. A. Kulmyrzaev

Damage assessment of buildings in Eskisehir city of Turkey at a possible earthquake.

M. S. Yildirim, M.H. Çelik

Integrated Hydrogeological And Hydrochemical Assessment Of The Groundwater Within The International Protected Göksu Delta, Southern Turkey.

Z. Demirel

A regularization method for a singularly perturbed parabolic the additive oscillating free term.

A.C. Omuraliev, D.A. Sadykova

Asymptotics of solutions of parabolic equations with additive rapidly oscillating right frequently.

A.C. Omuraliev, Sh.K. Sheishenova

Common mistakes and misconceptions of 7th grade students about the rational numbers and placement of the rational numbers on the number line.

S. Yetim, R. Alkan

New isolates of Streptomyces from Issyk-Kul region soils for biopharmacology.

T.D Doolotkeldieva, C. T. Bobusheva, M. W. Konurbaeva

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