» Batı Ülkelerinde Din Eğitimi: Genel Bir Bakış
Batı Ülkelerinde Din Eğitimi: Genel Bir Bakış
M. Köylü
Religion, Western Countries, Religious Education
Köylü, M., (2018). Batı Ülkelerinde Din Eğitimi: Genel Bir Bakış, MANAS Journal of Social Studies (MJSR), 07 (04), pp: 223-245
Religious Education in the Western Countries: A General Outlook
As it was past, religion plays an important place in the world today. The reason is that the western countries are becoming more and more pluralistic societies today. Since 1950’s, many people from various countries who have different religious and cultural backgrounds have immigrated to the western countries. When they immigrated to these countries, they have also taken to their religious and cultural heritage to those countries. Thus, the western countries have faced to different religions and cultures. These developments have affected to the school programs too. While they taught students just one religion or sect at their schools in a confessional manner before facing to new generation, now, they have to meet the needs of new generation who have different faiths and practices.
The aim of this article is to set forth these developments in the western countries. It consists of three parts. While the first section gives brief information about religion in the western countries, the second section examines the relationship between religion and state in some countries including the United States of America, France, Germany, England, Italy and Norway, and it lastly analyses approaches and methods in relation to religious education given at state schools.
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