» Internet Advertising on Consumers’ Point of View: Case of Erciyes University
Internet Advertising on Consumers’ Point of View: Case of Erciyes University
N. Görkemli, B. Cetinkaya,
internet, internet advertisements, internet advertising, new media, Erciyes University, civil servants
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Görkemli, N., Cetinkaya, B., (2018). Internet Advertising on Consumers’ Point of View: Case of Erciyes University, MANAS Journal of Social Studies (MJSR), 07 (04), pp: 605-615
Widespread usage of internet has made it possible to be considered as an important channel for advertising. Over the years, it has been seen that preference of internet advertising is much more increasing when compared with traditional media. Internet advertising offers a more attractive environment for advertisers with its peculiarities such as cost effectiveness, content creating flexibility and interactivity. Developing technology made it possible to send messages to consumers with new applications. On the other hand, from consumers’ standpoint, it is seen that internet users are now increasingly being bombarded with advertising messages, which are increasingly appeared on internet. This raises the question of whether the ad really creates the desired effect on the victims of message bombardment. This study aimed at understanding the thoughts of internet users about internet advertisements. With a survey covered 268 civil servants working at Erciyes University, thoughts of internet users were analyzed and study showed that internet ads had no positive impact on consumer’s attitudes and behaviors. Moreover, no statistically significant differences were found in the respondents’ point of view on internet advertising according to gender, age and educational differences.
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